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Daters and Numberers

  • Daters

    A variety of Trodat non-selfinking daters to help you with your everyday routine.
  • Daters with Custom Text

    Non-self-inking band date stamps with several different text plate sizes
  • Dial-A-Phrase Stamp With Date

    Hand stamp with frequently used short texts, in combination with the date - the last word in supporting office organization.
  • Numberers

    Wide selection of various band numberers with imprint sizes from 1/8" to 3/4" mm. With 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 figures.
  • Printy Daters

    Always up to date: Printys with date, numbers or text bands, customized text or various stock texts. All models come with a built-in inkpad (5 colors standard, some stamps also with blue/red pad available).
  • Printy Dial-A-Phrase Stamps

    Revolving Phrase Stamp with 12 standard texts in the size of 5/32"
  • Printy Numberers

    Numbering stamps in modern Printy design. Easy Setting of numbers by turning the databand wheels
  • Professional Line Dater

    Professional Line daters with customized stamp texts and built-in inkpad (Standard colors are black, blue, green, red and violet, but with stamps a blue/red inkpad is also offered!) available in various text plate sizes.
  • Professional Line Numberers

    Professional Line numberers with or without customized stamp texts and built-in inkpad available in various sizes. Easy to set the numbers by turning the band wheels.
  • Professional Line Phrase Dater

    Professional Line stamp with a combination of 12 different phrases followed by a date with a built-in inkpad. Easy to set the bands to the desired position by turning the band wheels.